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"What it is to be a lady" course fee

$796 US

Note: We can set up a payment plan of 3 monthly payments of $270 (Total $810), but this will need to be done on an individual basis by contacting

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What you receive for your course fee:

  • Online delivery of eight modules covering:
    • Mindset of a Lady
    • Self Care
    • Dress Like a Lady
    • Look like a Lady
    • Ladylike Poise
    • Speak like a Lady
    • The Social Lady
    • Self-development
    • The curriculum for this course is available here.
  • Includes all the information that you need to complete the course:
    • The course fee includes all the information you require for successful completion of the course.  There are no hidden additional charges.  Although recommendations may be made for further study, these are presented for students who wish to take their study beyond the scope of the course.  Any purchase of such items are for separate consideration.
  • Assignments to interact and think:
    • Each module contains an average of two assignments, designed to help you to apply the information that you have learned to your current situation.  These assignments are usually quite brief and pleasurable, but if for any reason you don't want to complete the assignments, they are totally optional.  We recommend that you at least attempt the assignments in order to benefit from the feedback from your teacher.
  • Personalized coaching:
    • Personal mentoring from Image and Etiquette Expert, Lynda Margaret, through feedback to your assignments and ongoing discussions.  You will have twelve months of personal message access to Lynda Margaret.  Mentoring telephone calls are available at an additional charge for students who wish to go beyond the course.
  • Self-paced learning:
    • As you complete one lesson page within a module, the next lesson page becomes available to you.  Each module contains an average of 14 lesson pages. It is recommended that the student study at a rate of one module per week, totally eight weeks to completion.  However, students are free to study at their own pace, and enrolment in the course will remain active for a full twelve months.
  • A full twelve months access.
    • We know how busy your life is.  This course should be something that you enjoy and view as something that you do for yourself as and when you are inclined.  If you want to have a rest for a few months, there is no problem.  This allows you to truly explore the implications of every module and apply them in your life.
  • Certificate of Completion
    • Upon successful completion of all assignment submissions, students will quality for a Certificate of Completion.

Course fees are payable up front, prior to your first access to the course.

We accept all credit cards, and transactions are made through PayPal.  You do not need to register with PayPal in order to complete this transaction.

Our money-back guarantee - We offer you 30 days to enjoy the course, during which time you are free to request unenrolment and will receive a refund of your payment.

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